Andres mother terrence mcnally essay

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Analysis of Andre’s Mother by Terrence McNally Essay Paper

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Analysis of Andre; S Mother by Terrence Mcnally - …

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Andre’s Mother, the precursor to Mothers & Sons and the first appearance of both Cal and Katharine, was written by Terrence McNally inas part of a Manhattan Theatre Club revue entitled “Urban Blight.” The evening featured a set of short works by American playwrights, all dealing with the particular stresses of living in New York.

Andre died in grief and pain, knowing that her mother would never accept his condition.

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Being homosexual and having AIDS, Andre suffered the tremendous disapproval of the society. The only person left for Andre to ask for help is his mother. In the play, McNally, Andre’s mother, seems to be a person of few words.

The show, which interweaves stories of three families (one upper-class and white, one black, and one Jewish and just off the boat), has a book by Terrence McNally and a score by Stephen Flaherty and Lynn Ahrens.

Meg Fofonoff directs, with musical direction by Matthew Stern.

Andres mother terrence mcnally essay
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